# looking for a Python developer?

I am...

  • a Python/Django developer with SysAdmin skills.
  • a Software craftsman, a Pyrenean freak. I like to grow stuff.
  • a French native, fluent in Spanish and English.
  • available for telecommuting freelance/contracted jobs.
  • based near Barcelona, Spain (GMT+1).

I build things

I can...

  • create your website, online shop or social plateform.
  • setup and maintain your cloud-based infrastructure.
  • build your backend applications, speed up your databases.
  • code your mobile webapp


Python Django C


PostgreSQL MySQL Redis MongoDB Solr


AWS Ubuntu Debian CentOS OpenVZ Nginx Postfix


Git Fabric Gunicorn Celery Sentry Nagios


jQuery AngularJS HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap

Talk to me

Choose the method compatible with your level of paranoia:

Low sebastien@soilen.net

High GPG public key | Fingerprint: 0BF3 25C8 705F D08D D9BF 8A57 5916 695E 124C 7776

Severe BitMessage address: BM-2cVfFTmg72twdZCLnUAMG4gGkB9YdfVBn5